Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

It's Feb 14, Valentine's Day and I am not home, sob! This seems a regular pattern with us, I think we have spent only 1 Valentine's Day together in our 5 years of dating & marriage. Oh well, the next year will be better (I keep hoping!) ...

In the latest Valentine news, here is an article of how romantic love has very similar effects on the brain as taking cocaine .... hmmm, I feel better now about my seemingly boring life, I have been on a cocaine high all these years! ;) And isn't it soooo interesting that they prove that love and lust activate very different parts of the brain. The last part about the pain we feel when love doesn't work out was poignant, though I never had a relationship go sour on me, a few bad crushes (that I imagined were love) were devastating enough.

The next 'love' based article is about scientists in love or the two-body problem which is a contributing factor to the poor representation of women in the Physical sciences. Of course women scientists face the two-body problem even if the spouse is not in academia but I can imagine it would be much harder to find faculty positions in the same city especially if it is a small city. In fact, all the young (under 35) married female scientists that I know (about 15) have/used to have commuter marriages. I guess, the real change has come in the male attitudes. Yay for good husbands (mine included!).

And finally we come to the nuisance news of Shiv Sena/Bajrang Dal et al protesting for the umpteenth time the desecration of Hindu culture. I am so tired of these moralizing do-gooders, most of who don't have an arm's length knowledge of culture, leave alone Hindu culture. This yearly excercise of forcing people to conform to their norms of 'good' behaviour is just a nauseating way to show that they still have muscle-power. So what if they were voted out (or in the case of Bajrang Dal, never voted in), they still have the power to harass you on the streets, in cafes and any public places you may want to visit. That they dare to do so, year after year, in India's uber-metropolis Bombay is nothing but failure to police effectively and a muddle-headed idea of what is and what isn't the government's business.


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